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VK.NET is a nice role-playing game for Italian speakers.

It uses a custom set of rules inspired by D&D, Ars Magica and other RPGs called X-TRA. The setting, Valiant Knights, is also custom-made by its creator and other volunteers (masters and players). The world of VK is Seral, a world where magic and gods have a heavy influence (high fantasy). The technological level of the world is similar to medieval times. Different races dwell on Seral, from humans to elves (Awelars) and dwarfs (Runtars), from rude barbarians (Loctars) to little halfling/hobbit like creatures (Hiyampas) and many others like dark elves (Zoroins) and scorpion-human hybrids (Enaliths).

To play, players use a text-based client (VNCPE) where they can describe the actions their characters do, speak for them, perform checks on abilities and fight. You need a lot of imagination to be able to enjoy this kind of game. It is more or less like a classic tabletop game, but can be played online. I often compare the experience to collectively writing a story, where you are in charge of a single main character.

If you can speak Italian, like RPGs and have a couple of free hours per week in the evenings, check it out!

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