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git to svn patch

After discovering git I practically fell in love with it.
So I decided to use the git Apache mirror for Pig for this year’s GSoC.
One problem i found is that the ASF (Apache Software Foundation) uses svn (subversion) patches, but git by default produces a slightly different diff format that is not readily understood by the patch utility. A simple workaround for this issue is to use the –no-prefix option of git diff. (it should also work to use -p1 instead of -p0 in the patch command).
To make completely transparent that I am using a different repository, I also keep a separate pristine tree checked out of svn and always up to date with trunk. To try my modifications, I can simply check out the branch I want to try out, generate a patch, apply it on the fly on the pristine svn tree and run ant test while I continue working on the git tree. To generate the final patch to submit I resort again to svn.

git co PIG-XXXX
git diff trunk --no-prefix | patch -p0 -d ../pigpristine/
cd ../pigpristine/ && svn diff > PIG-XXXX.patch

In the snippet I assume the git and svn tree are siblings in the filesystem, and that the svn tree is called pigpristine.

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