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Are you really aware of the price you are paying for Web commodities?

So I can only imagine the reaction in the boardrooms of those traditional firms when Facebook and Google built their Psychographic Marketing Honeypots and disguised them as a social network and a search engine. “All that data we’ve worked so hard to source! Merde! People just sit there all day giving it to them!”

The world has changed though, hasn’t it? We have entered the Matrix, but it’s not our body heat they want. They want the preference model encoded in our amygdala and a list of all the people that might influence that model tomorrow.

You can read the whole post here at O’Reilly Radar: Amygdala FarmVille.

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Save the last RSS

I have already explained why I don’t have a Facebook account.
Well, I do use RSS and I find them very useful.
I don’t want to give up control on my interest list, I don’t want to be tracked by whichever proprietary platform when I access my daily feeds. There is no added value in that. If I want to be social, I can opt in to use social media, share links, etc… but my privacy is more valuable.

If RSS isn’t saved now, if browser vendors don’t realise the potential of RSS to save users a whole bunch of time and make the web better for them, then the alternative is that I will have to have a Facebook account, or a Twitter account, or some such corporate-controlled identity, where I have to “Like” or “Follow” every website’s partner account that I’m interested in, and then have to deal with the privacy violations and problems related with corporate owned identity owning a list of every website I’m interested in (and wanting to monetise that list), and they, and every website I’m interested in, knowing every other website I’m interested in following, and then I have to log in and check this corporate owned identity every day in order to find out what’s new on other websites, whilst I’m advertised to, because they are only interested in making the biggest and the best walled garden that I can’t leave.


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