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In the future, thanks to the Grain, a chip which can be implanted on a hard drive in the brain,every single action that a person makes is recorded and may be played back. Liam, a lawyer, married with a child, suspects that his wife Fi is having a fling with the brash Jonas,whom they meet at a dinner party. After playing clips from his own ‘Grain’ his suspicions are confirmed, and he gets drunk and attacks Jonas, forcing the guilty pair to show him what is in their memory banks. In fact the affair has been going on for months and Liam attacks Jonas, demanding that he erase all memories of Fi from his brain. This, however, does not result in marital reconciliation.

The more I look at videos about Google Glass the more it reminds me of the Grain from “The Entire History of You”, Black Mirror s1e3.

I am not sure I share the enthusiasm with which Google speaks about its project. It’s definitely a technological wonder, but how will it affect personal relationship and society in general? What about split attention? Will we be able to handle the constant information flow?

Sometimes entrance barriers and usage fees (in terms of effort and time in this case) are useful. See for example the tragedy of commons. How will the ability to check Facebook every second of your waking time change your life?

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